excuse me?

at school the other day, i heard some girls talk about tumblr and how they don’t like following people from school and how they don’t like reblogging from people in school. 

i seriously just wanted to punch them in the face. it’s like i found tumblr like 3 years ago before you guys so shut up. 

thoughts on skincare. 
well for the past six months i’ve been trying out so many different things that i literally change products within a week. it’s really stupid, i know. i need a lot of patience. but anyway, before i went to the philippines last december, my skin was fine. all i had were acne scars so i was a happy chappy :3. in the philippines i ran out of the cleanser i was using and i couldn’t find it anywhere. i saw this ad on tv about this product called celeteque so i bought the travel kit to try it out. it was fine to my skin so then again, i was a happy chappy. i bought the full size and brought it to nz with me. unfortunately, i slowly ran out of the toner and the moisturizer. all i had left was the cleanser and i started breaking out to the point where i had really bad acne, again. i took medication again and started using the seaweed line from body shop. it didn’t do anything at all and the cream that my doctor recommended me was useless. i then started using neutrogena oil-free face wash, the original orange face wash. it helped quite a lot but i felt i was becoming immune to it for some reason. my skin was getting oily as ever so i bought the neutrogena long last shine control daily scrub. it did work but i don’t think it worked to it’s full extent on my skin. i felt my acne was getting worst and i thought it was all because of the stress i had from school and everything else so i bought the neutrogena oil-free stress control. it was amazing. like the feeling and smell of it was so nice and i felt like it did work, but it felt that it was working quite slowly. due to how impatient i am, i stopped using it and started using this tea tree face wash. tbh, i don’t think it did much. after i used it, i would put tea tree oil on the little blemishes i had. i still had more coming out so i felt it was pretty useless. after watching countless morning and night face routines, i decided to make a routine for my skin. it last for about 2 or 3 weeks. it went like this:
morning routine: 
neutrogena long last shine control daily scrub
neutrogena oil-free face wash 
tea tree oil on my little blemishes
clean & clear essentials moisturizer
night routine:
tea tree face wash 
tea tree oil on my little blemishes
clean & clear essentials moisturizer
it felt like i was using too much products and my friend told me that i was relying on too much products for it to work on my skin. 
i came across acne.org from many of my youtube gurus and it seemed really successful. i read about it online and it seemed like the guy who created didn’t wanna be famous and all, he genuinely wants to help those with really bad acne to recover from it and feel confident. he created what is called The Regimen. he recommends using pharmacy/drugstore products and he gave a list of products which he believes would work. he created products on his own but he also recommends other products. it seemed pretty legit so i minimized the products i used. his Regimen included benzoyl peroxide and how it can work for you. basically, you use a cleanser, BP in 2.5% and a moisturizer. that’s it, day & night. so out of the products i was using, i picked my neutrogena face wash as my cleanser, i had some BP in 5% from a long time ago and i chose my clean & clear essentials moisturizer. unfortunately i got worried because the cleanser and the moisturizer contained salicylic acid and i was afraid it might have weird effects when used with benzoyl peroxide. i decided to purchase the cetaphil moisturizing lotion from the recommended list. when i was at the pharmacy, i came across the cetaphil acne kit. it contained the 3 things i needed for the Regimen, the oily and acne-prone skin cleanser, BP 2.5% and the moisturizing lotion. it was a bit pricy but my mom decided that i should just get it, so i did. i’ve been strictly on the Regimen for a couple of days now and i am starting to see some improvement. on the acne.org website, he states what you would expect in a week, in 3 weeks etc so it’s very helpful. 
i’ve read a lot of the success stories and i really admired the patience the people had from using the Regimen. they included photos of before & after of their face and i was simply amazed. i learnt that all i really needed was patience with this Regimen. the website gives a lot of advice if you’re having trouble and if you’re making any mistakes. the Regimen contains 3 simple products but it’s how you use them that affect the result on your skin. hopefully in a few weeks time i’ll be able to see a lot more improvement. i just really need to be patient with this one. 
i would definitely recommend the website. it seems pretty legit and i’m already content with it, it’s only been a few days. 
how do i even do that?

these days, i really do not know how to talk to guys that i could potentially have a relationship with. this sounds really shallow and mean but i can only really be outgoing with guys who i think are out of my league, and what i mean out of my league like i’m out of their league. when it comes to really good looking guys with really good fashion sense and all that, i feel so intimidated and scared that they’re probably so down to earth but i’m just too scared to even talk to them. why oh why. like really, i’ve been lifting it up to God that he will just bring me closer to my future husband. i might’ve probably have met him but i guess we’ll see. for now, i needa let this ridiculous fear go. 


Words should not hurt you, but help motivate you to stay strong and get stronger. People bring you down, but that that’s the test to life. It either shows that you either give up too easily or you learn to fight on.

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life actually feels really great right now. 


well .. 

  • had the best weekend of my life
  • school holidays
  • getting what i need to get done everyday
  • applied for a few job vacancies

life is beautiful. 

it is not our abilities that define who we are, it is our choices